06/30/2012:  Color Run, untimed

Color Run

07/16/2012:  Glow Run 5K, 31:46.4

09/08/2012:  Cole Camp Fair 5K, 29:14

CC Fair

09/15/2012:  Red Run 5K, 33:00 (paced Travis)

Red Run 1  Red Run 2

09/16/2012:  Plaza 10K:  1:05:56

Plaza 10K

09/22/2012:  Downtown Dash 5K, 30:23

Downtown Dash

10/20/2012:  Kansas City Half Marathon, 2:23:53

finishinghalf  Half

11/22/2012:  Turkey Trot 5K, 29:23

Turkey Trot

04/06/2013:  Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, 1:03:44










05/04/2013:  Beat the Street for Little Feet (Pete the Cat 5K), 27:39.75

Pete the Cat


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