Welcome to Smile More Miles!  I’m Julia, a 27-year old newbie runner who loves all things fitness. profile

I started exercising regularly in 2008 after graduation from Clemson University.  Since beginning an exercise regime, I have evolved into trying all kinds of different ways to stay fit.  I initially started out with basic elliptical and strength training and even had a personal trainer one month.  Once I switched gyms in 2010, I was introduced to group fitness classes and soon fell in love with Zumba, Body Combat, TurboKick, and Hip Hop Hustle.  In 2012, my gym started offering a new class called Boot Camp.  I went to one class and was intimidated by it that it took me another month before I tried it again.

HalfIt was also at the beginning of 2012 that I decided to train and run a 5K.  I talked with the running girls in my Boot Camp class and soon was on my way to run a 5K.  Not long after I ran my first 5K another running friend convinced me to attempt a half marathon.  I went from not being able to run 1 mile in February to running 13.1 miles in October.  I am currently attempting to maintain my running and overall fitness endurance.

I started this blog in an attempt to discuss my endeavors in life with fitness being the central element that connects everything together.


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