Pete the Cat 5K

I haven’t really felt like blogging lately, sorry about that.  Not that I have that many followers anyway.  I am going to keep this post short so as to not exert all my blog posting enthusiasm.

Last weekend I ran what was dubbed the Pete the Cat 5K technically called the 2013 Beat the Street for Little Feet which benefited the Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool.  I wanted to do the race as a way to get involved with Team Decatur and I really wanted the T-Shirt.  Pete the Cat is rather famous here in Decatur, GA and the author James Dean is active in the local community.  I also knew my nephew and other young ones have read the book.  Shirt

I woke up race morning to the sound of rain outside and considered heading over to the race start to pick up my shirt and go home.  Instead, I remembered how all of my Sedalia running buddies had ran the Lub Dub the weekend before in the rain.  I opted not to wear a jacket and was cold waiting around for the race to start as the rain pelted down.  At 8:00 the race started.  I was feeling good and just wanted to be done in the rain.  After about a half a mile I was warned by a fellow running buddy about a treacherous double hill.  I thought that hill was going to take it out of me, but I kept powering through.  I honestly thought I was running about a 10:00 min/mile pace.  As I neared the finish line I gave it all I had left like I like to do in 5K races and was pleasantly surprised to see the time clock with a 27 as the first number considering my previous PR was a 29:14 on a flat course with near perfect running weather.  Pete the Cat Finish

I had been guesstimating my time to be in the 27:40 range since that’s what I remembered seeing as I crossed the line.  The official results came out today and my time was 27:39.75.  I guess these hills have really helped increase my speed after all.  Now I kind of want to know what my time would be like on a flat course with no rain.  Or maybe the rain helped me run faster since I wanted to get home and dry?  Regardless, I had a great race and it’s always nice to have a new shiny PR.  I am keeping up with a few of my New Year’s Non Resolutions after-all! Pete the Cat

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2 Responses to Pete the Cat 5K

  1. Ashley says:

    LOVE Pete the Cat:) It looks like you’re having a great time in Atlanta!!! I’m so impressed with your running. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. maryflad says:

    Nice blog, I didn’t know you kept one. I will put you on my reading list so I don’t lose track of you.

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