Sidewalk Saturdays

I have been volunteering with the Decatur Arts Alliance helping them to plan and promote the upcoming Decatur Arts Festival on Memorial Day Weekend.

During my time here, I have also gotten involved in their new initiative known as Sidewalk Saturdays. Every Saturday from 3:00-6:00 PM from April 6th-June 15th with the exception of the Arts Festival weekend, there will be 6 different performing artists that will pop up in various locations in Downtown Decatur and Oakhurst’s Harmony Park (the park at the corner of East Lake and Oakview Road).

The locations are unknown to anyone except the organizers aka me and some others at the Arts Alliance. The idea is that someone is in Downtown Decatur enjoying a nice Spring day on the square and will be entertained by a pop up performer.

These artists get paid for their performance while the cost remains free to the public.

Last weekend, we had an ukulele player and singer, a drummer with various percussion instruments, an acoustic singer performing some of today’s best hits, a comedy group, a tuba player, and a Brazilian martial arts and acrobatic group.

20130417-131459.jpgRachel Simpson

20130417-131519.jpgLuis Stefanell

20130417-131539.jpgTroy Cono @troycono


20130417-131622.jpgFunny Monkey Comedy Carnival

20130417-131632.jpgLarkin Taylor-Parker


We hope to see you in Downtown Decatur this Saturday for Elizabeth Dulemba (sidewalk chalk artist), Kris Youmans Band, Morgan Rowe (acoustic singer), Valero Flamenco (flamenco dancers), Bo Gaiason (classical guitarist), and Gateway Performance Productions (dance and classic mime artists). Find out their location on Saturday, April 20th at 3:00 PM!! Follow us on Twitter @DecArtsFest or follow the hashtag #sidewalksaturdays to discover their location.

This initiative is made possible through a sponsorship from The National Endowment for the Arts and the Georgia Council of the Arts with the support of Decatur Downtown Development, the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Decatur Arts Alliance.

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