Lasagna Roll Ups

I have officially decided that I don’t really like cooking.  It just takes too long to prepare and cook everything to eat it in 10 minutes and then have to clean up all the dishes.  Last week I made Chicken Enchiladas and the chicken was taking forever to cook, so I didn’t get to eat until almost 9:00 PM!  Let’s just say I was pretty hangry (hungry+angry) by then.

On Monday, I decided to make Lasagna Roll Ups from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I thought that since they were roll ups they would be easier and less time consuming.  Boy was I wrong.  I believe I started preparing everything around 6:45 PM and it wasn’t done until about 8:20 PM.  Photo Apr 08, 7 12 31 PM

You had to brown the hamburger and add the tomatoes, boil the noodles, all while mixing together the cheese and spices.  Then you had to spoon out and evenly apply the cheese mixture onto the noodles.Photo Apr 08, 7 49 34 PM

Then roll them up and place them in the pan which had half the sauce mixture on the bottom and you poured the other half on top.Photo Apr 08, 7 50 20 PM

30-35 minutes later after sprinkling the cheese on 5 minutes before they were done, the lasagna roll ups came out of the oven.  Photo Apr 08, 8 28 04 PMThey were pretty good and I would call the recipe a success.  I think next time I would just make regular lasagna because these were not any easier or quicker.

Who wants to be my professional chef? I will do all the clean up work 🙂 

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