Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was spent at my grandparents’ house in Clemson, SC.  It turned out to be a great weather weekend after spending the previous week shivering away.  Spring may finally be here after all!

I started my Saturday morning with a little breakfast to let it warm up outside and then went for a run.  I had mapped out a route in my head the night before which included an out and back route over the dike.  Fellow Clemson people, can you believe I had never been across the dike before?  I am glad I chose that route because it was extra flat and the views were wonderful, just look.  photo 1 photo 2

I initially set out to do 3 miles because I knew they were waiting on me to dye Easter eggs, but it was just too beautiful out that I extended my run to 5 miles.  When I finished my run I was ecstatic to see my splits.  Besides the portion of time when I was running on some uneven trails, my splits were around 10:30 min/miles.  My last two ended up being sub 10:00 min/miles.  I guess these hills in Atlanta really are good for me.  photo After my run, the little girls as Grandmother calls us dyed Easter eggs.  The kit didn’t come with orange so we had to use some grade school art skills and mix colors.  My favorite egg was green, purple and blue of course.photo 3

All of the eggs together were quite colorful.  Carla, the artist, was the best at forming color combinations.photo 4Later that afternoon we met up with a friend of my cousin’s for a boat ride on Lake Keowee.  The weather was great, but it would have been better if it were about 10 degrees warmer.  As always the views from the lake were wonderful with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. photo 5

Easter morning the whole family went to a very crowded church service where we practically  sat on the front row.  The aunts and I took another walk across the dike after lunch, so now I can officially say I have been on the dike.  There are a lot of things in Clemson that I haven’t experienced while spending Christmases there growing up and going there for four years of school.  I guess that means I have to explore something new every time I go to visit. IMG_0127

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