A Taste of the Gym

I am mildly obsessed with going to the gym multiple times per week. My biggest pride was being the mayor of my local gym on Foursquare. It took three weeks after I moved, but yesterday I finally got ousted. It was a sad day.


To make up for my terrible loss and gym withdrawals my cousin Kalyn invited me up to workout with her at her apartment gym. Before heading up there, I ran my 3 mile hilly loop. Which I might add was the best overall run time I have had to date on those hills. I think I may be finally getting used to them.

20130326-102238.jpgFree weights how I have missed thee

Kalyn got in some quality time with the elliptical while I rekindled my love of free weights. I did a variety of exercises targeting biceps, triceps, and shoulders. I am a little sore today and I have missed that feeling.

There was also this cool machine.  It was a lat pull down and row machine in one.

20130326-102536.jpgMy typical Monday night from earlier this year was revitalized minus my workout buddy Joslyn. I even attempted a pull up, though I didn’t get anywhere.

Until next time gym, we will meet again.

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