An Afternoon at Stone Mountain

This past Saturday it was a gorgeous almost spring day in Atlanta.  I woke up with plans to run 7 miles, but decided to cut it short due to a new lingering left hamstring pain.  Not long after I got back from my 3 mile run, Kalyn texted me and said she wanted to do something outside.  My suggestion, hike Stone Mountain.  I had been to Stone Mountain once before as a young child and didn’t remember much about what the hike would be like.IMG_1046


About halfway up there is a shelter house, which we soon discovered was the warning sign that it was going to be steep from there on out.

IMG_1048 IMG_1052

Once we finally made it to the top, the view was definitely worth the hike.  Even if my hamstring was worked harder than a 7 mile run would have done.


The wind was so strong up top, we thought we were going to be knocked over.


I very much enjoyed looking at the different imperfections of the rock formation.  I’m sure the below were just from some water puddles, but they were all over the mountain.

Some cool formation


It was a great afternoon outing and a great workout at the same time.  Stone Mountain is a place everyone should try to take in at some point.  The views of the city are amazing!

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One Response to An Afternoon at Stone Mountain

  1. tripsbylance says:

    I’ve never thought about hiking Stone Mountain. I went up it at night in 1996 when visiting for the Olympics, but we took the skyride (or whatever it’s called) to the top. I remember even on a hot clear July night it being very windy up there.

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