Goal Complete and Run-iversary!

I completed one of my goals for the year last night, a 5 minute long plank!!!!  Granted I mountain peaked a few times, but for the most part I held a straight sturdy plank.  The plank was done on my elbows and at the end of a rather intense boot camp class.  Now that I know my arms will hold me that long, I am anxious to actually hold proper form for the full 5 minutes.  Once I got past 4 minutes, I told myself what’s one more minute.  I even held pretty good form for the last minute.  It was much like running, what’s one more mile (minute), I’ve already done X number of miles (minutes).  The plank is definitely a mental game, so I just zoned out and focused on the music not the sweat dripping in my eyes.  I definitely jumped up and smiled when it was over, goal complete.

Yesterday also marked the one year anniversary of the day I began my running journey or as I called it my run-iversary.  On February 19, 2012, I started Couch to 5K Week 4 Day 1 at Katy Park on a semi-warm Sunday afternoon.  I wore too many layers of cotton everything and cross-training shoes that hurt my whole body.  I heel striked my way around the approximately half mile paved path wheezing my way around the turns.  I finished the 30 minute run/walk and thought to myself how do people do this.  Fast forward one year later and I have completed numerous 5Ks, a 10K, and a half marathon which included 14 weeks of training and two 10 mile long runs.  Now you’ll find me most Saturdays lacing up my shoes for a long run and considering anything less than 6 miles a short run.  I really cannot believe how far I’ve come and how much I have grown to love the sport.  I have made so many new friends and have so many great experiences because of running.  Here’s to many more years and many more miles I will smile my way through.



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One Response to Goal Complete and Run-iversary!

  1. fitin52 says:

    Happy Run-iversary! You have inspired me to look up the date I first took up running – this year will mark my 3rd Run-versary 🙂 And, I also consider anything less than 6 miles a short run!

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