For the Love of Chlorine

I used to be a swimmer in high school.  Much like running nowadays I never really claimed to be a swimmer because I was slower than most of my peers.  I enjoyed it for three years of high school, but decided not to do it my senior year.  It mainly had to do with the fact that one of our coaches never paid attention to the girls that weren’t very good aka me. My times were getting slower not faster, so I decided to quit the sport.  Actually, swimming and dancing were my only forms of exercise in high school and I didn’t start regular exercise again until I graduated college in 2008.

Recently I learned that the local middle school was opening their pool up for open swim on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an hour and the cost was only a $1.  Naturally, I had to jump at the opportunity to try it out.  I dug into the bottom of my dresser and found an old speedo swimsuit that I used to wear in high school.  I was pleasantly surprised that it still fit, but it was also questionable in terms of support and color.  I went to open swim this past Tuesday and swam laps for the first time since May of 2003.  It was definitely a lot harder than I remembered, but yet I also felt stronger.  I think the weight training over the years has helped me develop more upper body strength than I had in high school.  Breathing was a different story though.  Much like developing my lungs for running, I need to relearn how to breath for swimming.  I ended up swimming about 800 yards in 40 minutes which included a lot of breaks.  It brought back memories of swimming upwards of 2600 yards the first two weeks of practice.  I definitely had the chlorine smell stuck in my nose most of the day after.


The questionable swimsuit

I wish I would have known about open swim last year when I had a sprained ankle, it would have been more exhilarating than sitting down lifting weights.  I think I need to invest in a new one piece and goggles for future opportunities to swim laps and bring back high school memories.  Maybe I should consider a triathlon as a future goal.  Actually an indoor one like Julie did would be right up my alley.

I also have to include this picture because it’s too cute not too.  I had some tight muscles after my runs this week and was foam rolling out my calves.  My niece Claire was watching me the whole time, so as soon as I got done she had to foam roll her calves out too.  Too funny!


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One Response to For the Love of Chlorine

  1. gingerfoxxx says:

    Both small children and pets seem absolutely hypnotized by foam rollers for some reason! 🙂

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