My First Train Ride

Last weekend, I took the train to St. Louis to visit some friends and their cute baby boy.  I had plans to visit Jared and Christi two other times last fall, but both had fallen through.  One due to a time constraint and the other due to winter weather.  Since my planned weekend this time around happened to fall in January meaning it could snow without warning whenever it wanted to, I decided to look into booking a train ticket.  Their parents always take the train because they get too overwhelmed with driving three hours on the interstate.

I logged onto the Amtrak website at the beginning of January and was amazed at how inexpensive the tickets ran.  $25 one way!  I decided I couldn’t drive there cheaper than that and to make things even better my AAA discount gave me $5 off my ticket.  So, I booked my ticket and got very excited about my trip.  I felt so European with the idea of taking the train to visit friends.  Even better was that I could read my newest Book Club book The Glass Castle for 6 hours (3 hours each way) without interruption.

photo 1Train ride essentials:  PB&J, chocolate, Kindle 

The train trip itself actually made me a little anxious since the train doesn’t stop for long.  It stops just long enough to unload the passengers and reload them.  I was so paranoid both times I caught the train that I was going to miss it.  At least with airplanes, it takes the passengers awhile to load the plane, so you can be running late just a little bit.  With trains it’s exactly like The Polar Express, they have a schedule to keep.  The ride itself was great and although we got a little behind schedule on the way there the conductor made up a good amount of that time.

While visiting my friends I also achieved a new treadmill PDR (personal distance record) of 5 miles!  It was much less stressful than running at the gym because no one was there watching me so I wasn’t worried about how slow I was going.  I also didn’t have to worry about someone wanting to use the treadmill and me taking my time getting done.  I told my friends that I would gladly accept their ‘mill if they ever wanted to get rid of it.  It was an enjoyable run and I can see how some people enjoy their treadmills.

photo 2

The rest of the weekend was spent eating with more eating in between including Fro Yo X 2 and Italian.  I also took Christi on her maiden voyage to Trader Joe’s to get the essentials like Cookie Butter, Gummy Bears, and Powerberries.


Cutie Hunter in his rain jacket and new socks from me

Has anyone ever taken the train on a weekend trip?  Does it make you nervous too?

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One Response to My First Train Ride

  1. Ashley says:

    Hunter is adorable! Glad you had fun on the train:) We took Amtrak to Herman with Nick’s dad once and it was a blast. It was nice to not have to worry about driving or traffic and do fun stuff like read. Of course any trip that includes a trip to TJ’s sounds wonderful to me. Congrats on your PDR!!!

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