The Great Plank Debate

I used to think that push up planks were easier than regular planks.  That was my answer just one month ago when Janae posted the question.  Not anymore.  In fact, I cannot decide which one is easier they are both mentally and physically hard.

Regular plank



Push up plank



In boot camp last night, we did a 2 minute long regular plank and then immediately transitioned into a 3 minute long push-up plank.  My arms were shaking and my shoulders were burning.  I could not for the life of me keep my butt down and hold the form longer than 30 seconds before taking a break while in the push up plank position.  Was it because I had just held a 2 minute long regular plank with great form or was it because the push up plank is actually harder than the regular one.  I guess I need to continue my journey in boot camp class and then both will be easy.  Wishful thinking right?  To add pain to my already shaky arms, our next exercise was a tabata round of 20 seconds of work and then 10 seconds of hold.  The exercise was plank to push up plank for the work and then hold the push up plank.  I became a weakling after 2 rounds and did the rest on my knees.  I just couldn’t move my shaky arms any longer.  Surprisingly I am only moderately sore today.

Which plank do you prefer?  How long can you hold it?

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2 Responses to The Great Plank Debate

  1. fitin52 says:

    I can do both planks fine… but I can’t hold them nearly as long as you did! Let’s just leave it at that 😉

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