Pot of Coffee Sundays

I am typically a cup of coffee a day person, but when it comes to Sundays as of late it’s been a whole pot for me.  Today was no exception.

Photo Jan 20, 11 17 13 AM

I haven’t updated in a couple of days so let’s try to recap.  After a treadmill workout on Monday, it was back to the streets for me on Wednesday.  I was in no mood to run that day because it was still rather chilly.  I bundled up in my tights, long sleeve tech shirt, jacket, and ear muffs and busted out 3 rather slow miles.  I tend to start and end my runs at a local park and was given a beautiful sunset as a reward for my efforts.

Photo Jan 16, 5 13 46 PM

On Friday at lunch I tried one of the new Campbell’s All-Natural soups and I thought it was a nice soup, but it was a little sweet.  I don’t know how it could have even tasted sweet with all the sodium they jam packed in there.  27% of my daily value of sodium in one cup of soup, really Campbell’s I’d rather not have high blood pressure.  I hope that at some point in the future these soup companies can figure out how to be healthy request, all natural, and low sodium all at the same time.

Photo Jan 18, 12 13 05 PM 

Friday night was Book Club and I failed as wannabe blogger and took zero pictures.  I can at least link a couple of the recipes of food we all enjoyed.  Deana hosted and made this pasta dish, so I made this cheesy Italian quick bread.  Krystal made some quinoa pizza bites and Jennifer made some delicious mini lemon bites.  Our book for the month was Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz.  I highly recommend it to anyone especially those who enjoy historical fiction and plot twist and turns.  It was definitely a page turner.   

Saturday was once again a long run day.  Temperatures were in the mid 40s at the start and right around 50 at completion.  For the first time in months, I got warm on a run.  I accompanied Lauren for 7 miles and then left her to complete her 12 while I ended at 8 miles for the day.  Not a bad little way to start my Saturday.  Claire came over for the day and helped me clean my bathroom.  Since I ran 8 miles in the morning, I felt justified enough to make Brownies with Cookie Butter Frosting.  Oh my word they are delicious.  The brownies are so moist and the frosting isn’t too sweet or over powering with Cookie Butter flavoring.  I encourage you to try this recipe at some point.

Photo Jan 19, 5 10 59 PM Claire

Photo Jan 19, 7 16 03 PM Photo Jan 19, 7 58 28 PM  

Brownies with Cookie Butter Frosting

Now that I am caffeinated, I am off to enjoy my Sunday. 

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