Speed Work on the Treadmill

When it’s below freezing, I have no desire to run outside.  My lungs can’t handle the temperature and I can’t figure out how many layers to wear.  By default then I hit up the treadmill aka dreadmill.  



The longest distance I have ran on a treadmill is 3 miles mainly because I hate to tie it up for more than 30 ish minutes when there are other people waiting.  Though others at my gym have no problem walking on one for 45 minutes to an hour.  When it’s cold/icy out I have been looking for ways to mix up the treadmill routine.  I took Sierra‘s suggestion yesterday and tried Janetha’s 20 minute HIIT.  Since I am not a fast runner, I started my warm up at 5.5 and intervals at 6.0.  It was a good speed work out and I was definitely dripping sweat by the end.  I kind of chickened out on the go as fast as you can minute and did a go as fast as you can 30 seconds.  I ended up averaging 9.10 minutes/mile which is way fast for me.  I finished up my gym session with Joslyn where we attempted our pull ups, did some lifting, and worked our core.  At one point, I felt like I was in boot camp by Joslyn because of the things she was making me attempt like a plank on the foam roller.  

I ended the evening catching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother.  I hope it’s renewed for another season because if Ted meets the mother on May 25th and that’s it I will be so mad.  

What are some other good speed work outs?  The track still scares me   

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