The Return of the Long Run

I ran a half marathon on October 20, 2012, so every Saturday 14 weeks prior to that I was preparing for the event with a long run. The process started with 4 miles being considered long all the way up to 10 miles by the end of the training program. Needless to say, by the end of the process I was pretty burnt out. Luckily for the majority of these runs I had a running buddy, my friend Lauren who was also training for her first half.


Lauren and I at the Cole Camp Fair 5K

Having a running buddy made these long runs fun. In fact we both looked forward to the long runs while sometimes loathing the midweek shorter runs.

After completing the half in October, Lauren and I got together and ran twice but both times only ran 4 miles. I had done a couple of 5 mile runs on my own in November, but then got injured and took three weeks off. This past Saturday, we conquered 7 miles together and it felt good. I was so worried I wouldn’t have it in me after not running much in November and December. I also had bargained with myself that I could reward myself with Starbucks if I made it through all 7 miles.


My post run breakfast of eggs, toast, and coffee

I am so glad to be able to run long again and help Lauren conquer some of the distance in her long runs for the marathon she is considering. The only race on my up and coming schedule is the Cooper River Bridge Run which is a 10K.

Here’s to more happy, injury free runs in 2013!!

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