Never Go To The Store Hungry

Tuesday and Thursday are pretty much the same routine for me. Zumba followed by Boot Camp class. Boot Camp is pretty intense in fact last Thursday we did close to 100 Burpees. Today, was a little less intense, but we were still supposed to a 5 minute plank. If you refer back that also happens to be another one of my non resolutions. Every time someone in the class dropped we had to do 5 Burpees. I did not drop, but I definitely lifted my butt in the air a couple of times to relieve the pressure. I think I am getting better and definitely think it would be easier at the beginning of class rather than the end.

After Boot Camp, I needed to go to the grocery store and buy the staples aka spinach and OJ. I ended up leaving the store $100 poorer. I bought the most random things because I was hungry. The following items somehow found their way into my cart; cottage cheese, garlic hummus, blackberries, nectarines, some new Campbell’s soup flavors, brown rice, brussel sprouts, and canned collard greens. I only ended up digging into the cottage cheese before eating dinner when I got home.

Do not go to the store hungry I repeat do not go to the store hungry. Luckily most of the items I bought are somewhat good for me, not my wallet though.

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2 Responses to Never Go To The Store Hungry

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m so guilty of this! I’m interested in hearing how you prepare brussels sprouts. I’m looking for some ways to mix it up. I’m addicted to them! I also started roasting cauliflower this past week and it’s pretty much rocked my world:) I’m so impressed with your Zumba and Boot Camp classes. Get it, Julia!

  2. Julia says:

    I made them two nights in a row. The first night I placed them in a bowl and drizzled them with olive oil and added garlic salt, salt and pepper, and seasoned salt. Then I placed them in a 400 degree oven and roasted them for about 20 minutes since they were frozen. I thought they were a little salty that night, so the next night I omitted the garlic salt and used real garlic instead (or you could use garlic powder). Delicious both ways!!

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